Manage pfsense remotely with private ip address

  • Hi all

    I have installed a pfsense to make web filtering and hour based access management , all work fine but for remote access to manage pfsense I can't found a direct solution

    details of pfsense configuration :

    WAN are configured with  a private ip adresse
    ip :
    subnet :
    gateway : <–- (this is the router who have internet directly , I don't have access to this router for port forwading)
    dns :

    LAN :
    ip :
    subnet :

    I can't use port forwading because I have not access to the router who have internet , the wan ip still in private lan with nat , now I put one additional PC in the LAN of the pfsense with windows and teamviewer installed ,  I must login with teamviewer in this PC to have access to the pfsense webconfiguration

    is there an alternative solution to have access directlly to the pfsense without using additional PC ?

    thank you


  • @przt:

    I don't have access to this router for port forwading)

    I expect you won't be ble to do what you ask.

    Your solution using team viewer and an intermediate PC probably relies on the router connected to the Internet doing the appropriate port forwarding.

  • this is not my router , I have only a cable to have internet by nat from this router , to resume I have access to internet by I don't have public ip adress only private , and the pc with teamviewer are in the sublan of the pfsense to have acces to pfsense only


  • If you want to manage pfSense remotely from a small number of fixed IP addresses and without the intermediate teamviewer PC you could have pfSense setup VPNs to each of those fixed IP addresses and then access pfSense over the VPN.

    But that doesn't scale well to a large number of addresses. Maybe it doesn't scale well to managing from dynamic IP addresses. For those cases you probably need to be able to port forward from the router connected to the internet.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The unknown (is it unknown?) router may support UPNP. Is there a UPNP client available though? If there is you could use this to open the required port forwards.


  • you have to forget the router , I don't have acces and I'm not authorised to access , like university,

    the solution look like a service in internet , bridge or VPN Repeater in internet with fixed ip or fixed by dyndns on any pc,  the pfsense will connect in it and I will connect on it to be in the same vlan, but how to setup this solution , I don't know !!??


  • Set up an openvpn server at you home/office/datacenter where you have the possibility to open ports.

    then use you pfsense as a openvpn client to create a tunnel between remote-location & home/office/datacenter

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