Pfsense 2.1 Virtual IP's

  • Hi there

    I updated the pfsense 2.1 amd64 today.

    If I try to set a Virtual IP on WAN Interface I can't see that IP in pfsense (ifconfig). If I try to set a Virtual IP on OPT1 Interface I can see that IP with ifconfig on cli.

    Any bug known?



  • What type of VIP? They don't all show in ifconfig.

  • The type is IP alias.

    On OPT1 it's working I can see the VIP (IP alias)



  • Can you show the part of config.xml about vips and your wan?
    Does it work after a reboot?

  • Hi ermal

    No it doesn't work after reboot :-(

    The config.xml I think is OK. But have a look on it :-)

    The address show's up in ifconfig.




  • Update

    If I ping the virtual IP on the WAN Interface I get a Time to live exceeded.  :P



  • Hi guys

    Today I found something very intresting.

    The problem of the time to live is exceeded still persists.

    A tracert goes to the original ip address of the WAN Interface –-> back to the Gateway of my ISP --> back to the original ip address of the WAN Interface until the time to live exceeds.

    On the WAN Interface I have an IPalias in the same range as the WAN Interface.



  • By any chance your wan is pppoe?

    If, yes where do you expect this vip to be applied on the pppoe on real physical interface?

  • Yes my WAN is pppoe.

    I found a solution if I add the virtual ip on the Localhost Interface it works like a charm.

    If the VIP is on the WAN Interface I get TTL expired.

    So thanks for your help  :)



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