Dansguardian not blocking

  • I have a fresh install of pfS 2.0.1 AMD64.
    Dansguardian: pkg v.0.1.6_1 via the package manager of webConfigurator
    Squid3: 3.1.20 pkg 2.0.5_5 via the package manager of webConfigurator

    I first installed squid3, then Dansguardian.  Squid3 is configured and working.  Dansguardian is configured but doesn't appear to be working.  I've created a NAT port forward of "LAN/TCP/LAN net///80 (HTTP)/".  I have squid3 working on loopback, 3128, transparent and Dans configured on LAN, 8080 with proxy of

    I've done all the configuring via the webConfigurator - no modifying via shell or whathaveyou.

    I add "playboy.com" to the config (text file) section of Services, Dansguardian, Access Lists, Site, Default (edit), Banned and then navigate to said site and I still am able to see all the site.

    I've overlooked something but can't see what/where.  I've rebooted pfS multiple times, run dansguardian -Q after each config change… still nothing.

    Looking at the system log this stands out:

    Nov 1 15:01:27 php: : Not calling package sync code for dependency squidreverse of squid3 because some include files are missing.
    Nov 1 15:01:24 php: : XML error: XML_ERR_NAME_REQUIRED at line 1 in /usr/local/pkg/dansguardian_users_footer.xml
    Nov 1 15:01:24 php: : XML error: Invalid document end at line 99 in /usr/local/pkg/dansguardian_users_header.xml
    Nov 1 15:01:24 php: : XML error: Invalid document end at line 114 in /usr/local/pkg/dansguardian_ips_header.xml

    Any help is appreciated.


  • The first step is to check and save all dansguardian config tabs.
    Second step is check you nat for transparent proxy

  • Thanks for the help.

    Here is the image of NAT…


    Everything is "checked" as in the check boxes in the multiple config tabs have been checked.  I have also checked/reviewed the settings (if that's what you meant?)

  • Here are Dansguardian and Squid3 config (general) screens:

    Dansguardian Daemon

    Squid3 General

  • Try changing to the IP of your Server (usually or something like that)

  • tried changing to local IP of the pfS box and all IP traffic came to a halt.  Changed in the NAT and also within the DG config.

    Putting back to

  • Does there need to be anything in the Firewall/Rules section (LAN?) or just in the Firewall/NAT?

  • There we go… kind of.

    DansGuardian: Listen Interface = LAN, Listen Port = 8080, Proxy IP = (internal IP of pfS), Proxy Port = 3128
    Squid3: Proxy Interface = loopback, Proxy port = 3128, Allow users on interface = checked, Transparent proxy = checked
    NAT:LAN/TCP/LAN net///80 (HTTP)/

    Then I get filtering via DansGuardian.  However, I don't get updates to the /var/log/dansguardian/access.log  System Logs report:

    dansguardian[48437]: Error connecting via IPC socket to log: Connection refused

    Looking for why.
    EDIT: Changed DG listen interface to include both LAN and Loopback and proxy IP back to, changed the NAT from (LAN pfS IP) to and everything works.

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