WoL doesn't work after shutting down in PFSense

  • We have a desktop box we recently converted to PFsense box. We may need to turn the box on remotely with WoL. WoL works when we initially plug the system in, however after we shut it down, we cannot wake it again. If I unplug the power from the system for 10-15 seconds and plug it back in, we can wake it then again (Until we shut it down). This wasn't a problem when we had Windows on this system (I used to wake it all the time with WoL).

    I've done some googling, but haven't found anything that could be definitively be causing the issue. The internal NIC is a marvel NIC (Comes up as msk0). Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

  • If the system is powered off, the OS that's running on it has no relevance to whether it'll WoL. WoL happens well before the OS can impact anything. Sounds like maybe a problem with a BIOS setting, or the box just not reliably WoL'ing for some reason unrelated to the OS. Or maybe it's not really getting powered off when you're shutting it down?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I have struggled with WoL in the past. In order to work the machine must be left in the correct state by the OS when it is shutdown. It's a while since I looked into this but I remember having to restrict the allowable acpi power states in the BIOS. Windows is better at this because all manufacturers write BIOS code that is tested under it.

    When it's shutdown it needs to be left primed for WoL.


  • Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately it is a Lenovo desktop and they've locked the BIOS down heavily, so I can't alter most of the ACPI and power settings. I tried to boot with ACPI disabled (An option from PFsense, not the BIOS), but the system will hang during boot then. I guess it isn't going to work :-( Thanks for the help.

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