3Com 3c905-TX not found in pfSense

  • Hello -_-

    Im trying to install pfSense on some old Pentium-3 comp, with 3 NICs, two of them a realtek and they work fine, bit third is a 3Com 3c905-TX (which should be supported, at least 'hardware' page says so) and its not listed as a network interface, and during kernel boot - it shows something like "ethernet, no driver attached".
    The motherboard is some old Acorp, with a Pentium 3 in slot.

  • You sure that the slot it's plugged into is good, maybe it's set for a bad irq in the bios or something? I use 3c905's all the time and never had an issue. (I think I've used a,b, and c revision hardware) Try moving it to a different slot.

  • After BIOS POST, and before FreeBSD boot logo (F1: Default), is the network adapter listed  ?

    I mean, did the motherboard recognized it sucessfully ? Is the network card manufacturer ID, Vendor ID, IRQ listed correctly ?

    Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Well, it listed 3 entries "Network Interface".
    And the card is working - i pulled it out from a freebsd server.

  • You said it shows "something like "ethernet, no driver attached"", can you paste the exact message it shows during boot? You can get it from dmesg on status.php.

  • At my lab, I have 2 NIC's working nicely.

    I added a new one (the 3rd) and it was not found by pfsense, but was listed after BIOS test, with IRQ assigned and all stuff.

    I guess it's and Realtek (dunno the model / version).

    Looking at dmesg, I can see:

    pci0: <network, ethernet=""> at device 10.0 (no driver attached)</network,>

    Am I supposed to give up (throw away)this NIC and use another one more trustable ?

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