Import Static DHCP from dhcpd.conf

  • Hi, I have a little problem with importing a list of hosts for static DHCP.
    I need to import a list of about 500 entries for static DHCP hosts, but the list of hosts in a dhcpd.conf from another system.
    I found the path to the file dhcpd.conf (/var/dhcpd/etc/dhcpd.conf), I replace this file I exported earlier, but after restarting the DHCP service all goes back to the old settings without a list of my hosts. Is it possible to somehow solve this problem?
    I do not want to add new entries for more than 500 computers.

  • Try to find your config.xml and look if there is some dhcp entries.

  • That's right, there are entries in config.xml, but it does not solve the problem. I feel that on the basis of config.xml pfSense builds dhcpd.conf file after restarting the service. What can I do to change that? Copy the dhcpd.conf file and chmod to read only, then export to XML? PF is a test virtual machine - you can suggest any solution, even deadly :)

  • Download both config.xml's edit that one which your going to use to include those leases.
    upload back to pfsense and boot your box

  • The problem is that I have a dhcpd.conf file, not xml :/ I can not do anything with it :/ Rewriting dhcpd.conf to config.xml is not an option - over 1500 lines to write :/.

  • Just write a small shellscript or some lines of C-code to convert it.
    The content is "basically" the same and it should not be that complicated to parse it.

    Actually i think there was already once a thread about this exact same thing and someone already wrote a parser.
    Have to see if the person posted it somewhere.

    Edit: found it:,25610.0.html

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