Load Balancing gateways on same interface

  • I've got only one WAN interface but 2 gateways. Is it possible to load balance the 2 ? because after adding them it the same group and adding the group to the rule of everything going out of the lan it keeps using the gateway of the WAN interface.

  • Yes this is possible.
    Do you have different monitor IP's for the two links?
    Did you make sure that second (not used one) is actually usable?
    What is the status shown on the balancer status page?

  • Yes I have diferent monitoring ip , for the one that is always used i put google's dns.
    The second one is indeed useable.
    It says that both are online

  • How do you check that it always goes out the same interface?

  • on the web interface of the routers i can see only one is being used.
    I solved my problem by adding an other interface on pfsense for the 2nd internet connection and it worked just fine.
    Thanks for your help anyway ;)

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