• Using the wizard do the following:

    Inside: LAN
    Download: 50000
    Outside: WAN
    Upload: 50000

    Voice over IP - leave all blank/default

    Penalty Box - mark Enable
    Bandwidth Up: 1000
    Bandwidth Down: 1000

    Peer to Peer networking - leave all blank/default
    Network Games - leave all blank/default
    Raise or lower other Applications - leave all blank/default

    This creates two shaper rules:
    If      Proto Source Destination  Target
    WAN->LAN *    *    qPenaltyDown/qPenaltyUp
    LAN->WAN *  *          qPenaltyUp/qPenaltyDown

    Modify Rules as follows: (replace with any, and protocol w/ ICMP)
    If      Proto Source Destination  Target
    WAN->LAN ICMP  *      *            qPenaltyDown/qPenaltyUp
    LAN->WAN ICMP  *      *            qPenaltyUp/qPenaltyDown

    Try to ping any Internet host from a lan connected PC (e.g try to ping

    Only counters (bytes/packets/etc..) for qPenaltyDown is increased (only when we receive echo reply)

    My question is why outgoing traffic not enter in qPenaltyUp queue ?

    The version of PFSense is 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-06-06-2007 built on Wed Jun 13 19:58:28 EDT 2007