Only one default queue per interface is allowed

  • Hello,

    Running 2.0.1 on NetGate FW-7535.
    When using the traffic shaping wizard, I selected single lan, multiple wan and ran through some of the settings for VoiP and p2p traffic.
    When viewing the default queue under Firewall-Traffic Shaping, if I try to make any changes I receive the error message "Only one default queue per interface is allowed". I am not creating another default queue; I'm simply trying to edit it.

    Is this a bug on this release? Couldn't seem to find anything similar. We have a few other pfsense devices (on different hardware) with no issues. The only difference is this firewall did come with the "netgate" brand of pfsense, which I believe are just cosmetic changes.

  • It is a bug, and I am not sure if it is reported yet. You need to un-check default queue, save your changes, and then recheck default queue for everything to work properly.

  • Thanks. That works for me too.

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