Gateway require a point to point route

  • Hi, her is my problem

    On the WAN side, I have only one host, the gateway.
    The WAN IP is a public address (I use in my sample below)  with a mask of 32
    Other hosts have IPs on the same range 10.10.10.X somewhere else in the ISP networks.
    Tthen I cannot use for my IP wan because I would lose the possibility to connect to these hosts
    at 10.10.10.X ! WAN  < –--- >  GW (  ~~ ISP ~~  GW (  < ----- >  10.10.10.X/32

    Under linux, I use this setup :

    first setup the IP of the WAN interface

    ifconfig eth0 netmask

    add  a route to the gateway on the eth0 side

    route add -host dev eth0

    now linux know how to reach,

    I can use it as a GW

    route add default gw

    And it works

    I can I do similar stuff under pfsense using the commands

    route add -net -iface em0
    route add default

    But how can I do it using the GUI.


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