How to exclude a port from a range?

  • I'm really sorry if this is the most basic thing in the world, but I can't figure it out for the life of me, even after reading the documentation.

    I've used the traffic shaper wizard to create a set of rules, and that seems to have worked fine, however the P2P rule defaulted to a huge range of ports, like 3000-32000 or something. Not sure, I wasn't quite paying attention. Now, some services I have running are on port in this range, and it feels like they're being throttled, but I can't figure out how to edit the rules for the traffic shaper. If I was stranded on a desert island and changing rules for the traffic shaper was the only way I could escape, I would die.

    I've tried looking through the filesystem via ssh and ls | grep, trying to figure out where the config file is. I've tried looking through the web interface, but it seems under Firewall | Traffic Shaper, there's only status information, and nothing seems to be editable like port range etc.

    Basically all I'm looking to do is add an exception for certain ports. Add them to a higher priority queue, don't leave them trapped in the P2P queue, which is the lowest priority.

  • There's actually 2 parts to traffic shaping - the shaper queues that determine what should happen with the traffic that's put into them, and floating firewall rules that assign traffic to the queues. What you need to do is split the firewall rule that assigns those ports into 2 (or more) separate ranges. You'll find the rules on the Floating tab in the Firewall Rules menu.

    What you want to end up with is a rule that does (suppose you want to exclude port 4000) port 3000-3999 and a second rule that does 4001-32000.

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