Instalation pfsense on Dell poweredge R420

  • Hi,

    I my name é luiz I speak from brazil, I am having serious problems to make installation pfsense on poweredge r420, I think the problem is with the raid controller model H710 mini parc anyone have any idea what can be?

    My sincere Thanks


  • is your bandwidth requirement fairly low? <2GBit of throughput ?if that is the case, run the pfsense virtualized on Vmware Esxi 5.X.

    If you need it to more (5-10-?gbit) then you would have to supply error messages/screenshots/more details to figure out why it is going wrong because running that virtualized is probably not going to work well.

  • Netgate Administrator

    I believe support for that controller has just been added to 2.1. See:,55806.0.html


  • Unfortunately, here in the colonies, most ISPs are rejecting "universal" compatibility and are instead striving to adopt propriatary equipment/configurations so as to ensure they create a corner on a "bundled" market and don't become "dumb pipes."