Load Balancing - how the round robin works?

  • I believe that I have load balancing working for two WAN connections. Each WAN link has 80KB of throughput, and when I download files wit h a download manager (like Free Download Manger) I get a combined speed of 160KB. However, when I download with IE or Firefox, I only get 80KB. Is the load balancing suppose to work this way (round robin), or is something in my configuration incorrect? If so, please give some information on what I can check / google for.

    FYI: The download manager is spawning multiple connections to download the file. I figure half of each connection goes through each WAN.


  • You can't combine the speeds of your WAN's without using a download manager that opens multiple connections. A single connection can only use one WAN interface with round robin. To combine bandwidth on multiple links with a single connection you have to have cooperation from your ISP(s) with something like BGP, which is not going to happen unless you have a big network and pay your ISP big bucks.

  • cmb, thank you for the reply and I understand what you are saying. The whole reason for this project is to get around bandwidth throttling at my apartment complex. But it looks like I am out of luck. Thanks guys.