Need Some Help From The Community On A Squid Issue

  • I am having an issue that has me stumped usually between Google and my 10+ years as an IT professional I can figure it out but with this outstanding community I figure I will just ask the question and see if anyone might have an idea how this can be done.

    -So here goes I am stationed in Germany but I enjoy content from the US and some websites such as Google and YouTube as we all know they show different content and restrict some based on the location of your IP addresses.

    I like to cache content so I have installed Squid on my pfSense 2.0.1 Install and set it up as Transparent now I have created a floating rule that says send everything on any port or protocol coming in from the Lan going to a network Alias (all google IP blocks) out my VPN to the States which works but only for SSL/HTTPS and such content not grabbed up by the transparent proxy first ie port 80 so how do I tell squid to forward this specific traffic out the VPN

    Also I am curious as to why the Loopback (lo0) interface is not an assignable interface and selectable for rules and such as many of the packages can use them as an interface but no rules can be applied…

    I know it's kinda a long post but I do appreciate your help and look forward to your comments.

  • Not sure at all but I think you must configure the outgoing address of squid:

    You could try with:


    And the create the floating rule for this source address.

    I think this is the same behaviour as with squid + MultiWAN on the same box.
    Searching the forum for squid and MultiWAN could give you perhaps some more tips.

  • No go on the using acls inside squid as they match from source –> destination ie```
    tcp_outgoing_address "VPN IP" "google acl"

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