• 2.1-BETA0 (i386)
    built on Sat Nov 3 15:03:48 EDT 2012

    when I update to new version. The NAT to wan not normal work.

    I have setup four WAN, now only main WAN1 NAT normal work, other WAN2-WAN4 not normal.

    eg: I use WAN1  web server (port80) of LAN 80 port is open .  but use WAN2-WAN4  web server  80 port is closed.  it is the same web server.

  • I have to reback to 2.1-BETA0 (i386) built on Tue Oct 30 10:31:41 EDT 2012  version, it is seem NAT normal just now.

  • Depending on your time available, it would be interesting to find out the exact date where
    NAT got broken for you by trying differently-aged snapshots . This miht make it possible to pin down things to a certain commit in cuase (maybe)

  • This change is the only one in that timeframe that would seem to have any relation.

    Can you try upgrading again, edit /tmp/rules.debug and remove the "set state-policy if-bound" line, then run:

    pfctl -f /tmp/rules.debug

    and then immediately, before touching anything in the web interface, test to see if that fixes it.

  • I will try, but pfSense-Full-Update-2.1-BETA0-i386-20121106-0041.tgz ipv6 tunnel not work. I will waiting for good version.