• hi guys. im currently running PFsense under a windows Hyper-v R3 VM on an AMD based machine.

    my problem in a nutshell is that i cannot add



    the error im getting when i type.

    vi /boot/loader.conf
    "vi not found"

    i have reinstalled 3 times and even used an old ported VM from ESXI. same issue.
    my other buddy has no problem using vi on his PFsense box.

    WTF am i doing wrong?

    thanks guys,

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    There is No "VI" (if i'm not wrong ;) )


  • @ptt:

    There is No "VI" (if i'm not wrong ;) )

    My first thought was also "this is probably a CAPS issue" but the original post has "vi" in lower case.

    What version of pfSense is involved. What context? (a cron job? console pfSense shell? SSH session? Command through web GUI?) Maybe vi is not in your shell path.

    "vi" (lower case) command is found in my SSH session to a pfSense 2.1 snapshot full install box.

  • vi is always there at a real shell. I'm guessing OP is at a loader prompt, in which case, run:

    set hw.clflush_disable=1

    then once you're up and running, add that to /boot/loader.conf.local (NOT loader.conf, upgrades overwrite it) with vi, or just echo it there.

    echo "hw.clflush_disable=1" >> /boot/loader.conf.local

  • echo hw.clflush_disable=1 >> /boot/loader.conf.local
    i get syntax error.

    what do i need to type. there is a reason i use windows with a gui, ;P
    can you write it exactly as i need to in the prompt?


  • IT works now.

    F^%& VI right in the urethra

    i had to have

    echo "hw.clflush_disable=1" >> /boot/loader.conf.local

    now to figure out NIC's

    thanks guys.

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    F^%& VI right in the urethra

    Ha!  :D
    emacs man are you?

    You can always use ee which is already included.


  • Oh, yeah I forgot to put the quotes in there, edited my post.