How to connect a remote site via different WAN gateways

  • Hello.

    how can I connect/ be able to ping my LANs if iam able to reach its WAN interface?

    I am having two different ISP which i use to communicate with my remote site.

    HQ LAN is     and

    Remote site LAN is

    HQ ISP1 WAN1 10.300.14.112/30 and Remote site ISP1 WAN1 is 10.300.14.116/30

    HQ ISP2 WAN2  and Remote site ISP2 WAN2

    My concerning: –Iam able to access all servers and applications using my first ISP1 using WAN1.
                        --Iam able to ping my ISP2 WAN2 gateways and IP addressess(interfaces) for both WAN2 Soekris routers( wan interfaces) but iam not able to ping the remote LAN from my HQ or my HQ Lan from the remote site.

    Please assist me to be able to ping my LANs of the remote sites as iam able to ping its WAN2 IP and even to access a Soekris (pfsense 2.0) by both WAN2 address in web browser.


  • you would need to implement some sort of vpn to do this kind of thing.

    openvpn is probably the easiest. there are plenty of tutorials floating around (see the 'openvpn' section of this forum)

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