Problem with outbound PPTP traffic

  • Hello,

    My pfsense box (2.0.1) has 2 external connections and a DMZ
    The WAN interface is a single ip address DSL connection
    The OPT1 interface is a 30 IP address Leased Line

    I have configured a PPTP server on my pfsense box and configured some firewall rules to allow GRE and PPTP into a single address on the OPT1 interface.

    When a client connects the network traffic all comes in on OPT1 but GRE traffic is sent out using the OPT1 ip address but on the WAN interface.  Obviously this doesn't work!

    Connecting to the vpn from the DMZ works fine.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    GRE traffic will only follow the firewall's default route.

    PPTP is dead anyhow, move on to something more secure. Heed the warning here:,54255.0.html

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