• Using 1.2-BETA-1-pfSense

    I changed NTOP settings to use SSL port.

    Now when I try to access, I receive the following message:


    Firefox can't connect securely to because the site uses and older, insecure version of the SSL protocol.

    P.S.:  I'm accessing "httpS://" because I made an SSH tunnel to access it, the message appears when I'm not using SSH tunnel, but the address it the real IP address of pfsense machine.

    P.S.:  How can I return the configuration to not use SSL protocol, since I cannot access it anymore ?  Can the ntop.conf (or something similar) be edited ?

    Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • removing and reinstalling the package didn't work at all.  Seems that the configuration is stored somewhere and it knows that it is supposed to use SSL port.

  • I removed the package and also deleted each and every file and/or directory that was named ntop (libs, /var/db, /tmp, etc…) .

    Then I reinstalled the package again, reconfigured it and now its working again.

    Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.