Intel Centrino Wireless N 1000

  • Is this supported?

    There is a guy on ebay selling a pfsense router kit with this wireless card. But that's not really any reassurance that it actually works.

    Also, a stupid question I'm sure, but it has a AUX and MAIN plug. I am going to connect two antenna's to both and enable diverstiy in pfsense (dev.ath.0.diversity: 0,1 (0=disable 1=enable) in sysctls. Is this the right thing to do for the best performance? Otherwise I will just connect one antenna.

  • The dev.ath…. sysctls are unlikely to do anything for an Intel wireless card. They are much more likely to be recognised by the driver for the Atheros chipsets though that will likely depend on features supported by the particular hardware.

    As best I know, none of the Intel wireless cards support AP (Access Point) mode in pfSense. Depending on what you want to do with this kit that might be problem.

    If you need AP mode you will almost certainly need a WiFi card with a suitable Ralink or Atheros chipset.

    What expansion slots are available in the kit you are looking at? (PCI? PCI-E? USB? etc)

  • thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, no AP mode kinda sucks, what I need it for.

    I have a intel d2500cc which has a mini pci express expansion port. So I assume it can take any expansion mini pci-e card. Which one would work for me?

    I need it to provide wireless to my home network.

    thank you!

  • @Sc0rian:

    I assume it can take any expansion mini pci-e card.

    I would guess so. Mini PCI-E slots can provide PCI-E signals or USB signals or both. I guess if it was USB only the documentation would say so.


    Which one would work for me?

    I suggest you look on eBay for a mini-PCI-E WiFi card with Atheros chipset and 802.11G support (but not 802.11N). The FreeBSD drivers don't seem to work so well with newer cards. I suspect lack of 802.11N support is likely to indicate an older chipset more likely to work.

    You should be able to find a card for under US$15 (inc postage). At that sort of price it shouldn't be too much pain to upgrade the card to one supporting 802.11N when the software support for 802.11N in FreeBSD and pfSense becomes available.

    A few weeks ago I would have suggested the TP-Link WN321G (USB) which I have used as an AP for some months but that seems to have disappeared from retail outlets near me but dongles with same chipset (Ralink RT-3070) still seems to be available on eBay.

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