Pleas fix the Long Boot Issue when Floppydrive enabled

  • Hi,

    I'm facing a serious problem with the floppydrive disable issue, I will explain the reason why.

    When you use a Compaq Server and you disable the floppydrive, you are not able anymore of booting into the BIOS using a smartstart CD. You ave to force the floppydrive wiuth a jumper on the motherboard so you have to open the machine everytime you need to be there.

    OK, you don't want to be there every time, but it's an odd job every time.

    Removing the cable is also not possible, you get an error and the device needs an F1 to continue.

    Because enabeling the floppy controller takes forever to boot pfsense it's also no option, so the best fix should be fixing this "bug" if possible.

    Does this need a ticket or is this impossible to fix ?


  • Open a ticket with specific detailed information on what happens, and how to replicate it. Assign it to me, I'll check it out at some point this week when I have a chance.