Router placement

  • Hi,

    I have a client that has a /25 so his gateway is 129 on the ISP side, He got a Linksys RV082 setup in router / transparent mode his LAN side is .130 so all of his machines are pointed to .130 looking at the configure for the linksys showing WAN and LAN the same IP.

    I am confused with this setup to bring it to pfSense.

    Would disable NAT and set up pfSense WAN side to some IP and the LAN side to .130 and place the rules to pass traffic?

    The linksys is setup like… WAN default gateway is .129, WAN/LAN interface is .130 mask as a DMZ interface.

  • This sounds a lot like a bridged setup.
    The way to go would be:
    bridge WAN and LAN, assign the bridge as interface, and give the .130 to the bridge.
    Set the default gateway of the devices behind the pfSense to .129 (NOT .130)

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