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  • Has a way to block console? put password or something ? I will remove the keyboard from machine, its only to nobody change password or reset to defaults "accidentally"

  • system -> advanced

    Disable console menu

  • ok thanks!!  ;D ;D ;D

  • system -> advanced

    Disable console menu

    Doing so, is correct to say that if any problem happens that cannot be solved remotely (SSH and/or WEB) will have to be solved using COM1 interface ?

    Will the video card also be blocked and the monitor shows nothing at all ?

    If the COM1 interface is not available I think that the only way to recover/solve this eventual problem is to re-install and restore configuration.  Am I correct ?

    IMHO, the pros and cons must be considered when disabling console menu.

    Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • You will get a login page

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