IMAP (Mail) Connections being caught by the p2pcatchall queue

  • As the title suggests, I've somehow managed to find a little "issue" with the pfsense qos setup.

    I'm on a 8160/384 connection, setup some generalised rules for everyone so that net sharing is fair (partner likes it, she can check out cake making stuff without worrying about me leeching!), but I seem to have come up a doozy on this one.

    I can post a bit more about the configuration once i get home, but for some strange reason, even though through the initial filter setup i had prioritised all necessary traffic, IMAP traffic for my email seems to be getting caught by the wrong queue

    Could anyone think initially why imap connections may be getting caught by the p2pcatchall queue?

  • Do you have a specific rule that puts the various IMAP ports into a different queue?  p2pcatchall will match everything that isn't specifically matched.

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