Virtual IPs went temporarily down?

  • Hello all,

    After reading different posts on the forum / wiki I could not figure out this by myself so here I go.


    1x virtualized pfSense 2.0.1 (amd64) in a vSphere 5 cluster (one vSwitch with multiple port groups)
    2x Dell PowerConnect 8024F 10GbE with trunk VLANs: DMZ, FGOC, vMotion, NFS, Backup, Mgmt

    pfSense has four e1000 interfaces:

    FGOC: /24
    Mgmt: /24
    Backup: /24

    VIP (Proxy ARP)[175-182] is mapped to virtual machines on the FGOC network with NAT 1:1 and manual outbound for flexible rules. This set up is been working good since initial deployment but the other day I noticed the VIP range was not available for a certain period of time. I believe my range was the only one affected as I checked other IP's on the /24 and no dramas there.

    Ping to the firewall WAN interface from out/in was ok. VM's were up and running but not accessible from the outside and no outbound ping to or any other destination except internal networks.

    The problem disappear after going to NAT 1:1 , Outbound and Virtual IP and save the settings again.

    Would setting up a cron job to reload the filter (as mentioned in avoid this in the future?

    Does anyone know what this could be related to or why?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Reloading the filter definitely won't do anything. That's related to something at layer 2, possibly upstream. Rarely, some routers don't like proxy ARP, where IP aliases are fine. IP aliases have the benefit of letting you know when there is an IP conflict, something else taking over the upstream ARP cache by claiming those IPs is commonly the cause of issues like this.

  • Thanks for your answer cmb.

    I will consider switching to IP aliases. Seems the right move specially having the advantage of log notifications in case of IP conflict.

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