Two DHCP lease from same provider, how to route over it?

  • To summarize it up, I have an h.323 based device that DEMAND an gateway address and an IP address to be allocated to the device, it also demand full DMZ, so with a single IP address I couldn't connect to any other machines or what so not, so I purchase additional IP addresses.

    However the cable company refuse to allocate static IP, it must be gotten via DHCP, so what I've done was hook the cable modem to a hub, then two ethernet from the hub into the firewall.  So I can grab an DHCP address off each interface.

    Anyway to detail out the layout of my network and what I want to achieve…

    The rest of the network is allocated to an 10.10.10.* block, which means all sane devices, computers, gaming system, what so ever, and there maybe a few forwarded ports such as remote desktop to an pc, and etc...

    Then the other segment of the network is basically a DMZ on 192.168.0.* for the h.323 based device.

    So my question here now is how do I setup the routing, so all of the packets from the DMZ on 192.168.0.* side of the network will be forced to always go down one of the allocated IP address. Then all of the packet from the sane side on 10.10.10.* will be forced to always go down the other allocated IP address.

    I don't want to load balance, because its all going down the same pipe anyway, I just want to force a certain block of IP addresses to be routed down one external IP, then other block of IP to be routed down other external IP address.

    Now once that is all said and done, I heard it was tough to do QoS/Traffic Priorization on an "dual wan" system.  I want to be able to do an QoS because both external IP addresses has a common shared bandwidth, (10 mbit down, 756 kbps up) so I would like to setup an rule that if the DMZ device is off then all of the bandwidth gets allocated to 10.10.10.* block of IP addresses, then when the DMZ device is on, I want to allocate 512kbps up and down to the 192.168.0.* block and the rest get allocated to the 10.10.10.* block. How do I achieve this?

    Thank You.

  • bump does any one have any idea? Come on I've seen many post and request on how to do multiple wan, but most of them were with different gateway, or static ip, or different ISP so i would like some help here? :(

  • You would accomplish this with two easy rules, one for each interface.
    Simply create a rule something like this:

    Proto        Source                    Port    Destination    Port                Gateway
      *                  *            any          *        Default/wan2/wan3, etc.
              (or just choose lan
          subnet, dmz subnet, etc.)

    Proto        Source          Port    Destination    Port                Gateway
      *      *            any          *        Default/wan2/wan3, etc.
            (or just choose lan
          subnet, dmz subnet, etc.)

    Just select which gateway you want the traffic routed through.