Need help on multi WAN

  • Hi There!

    Need help on my Pfsense, I already have it installed and configured to do load balancing on my 3 Cable internet connections. Im pretty sure its doing its job to load balance. BUT my problem is this, each time one of my ISP's service goes down the other 2 connection does not automatically kick in. Anything Im missing here??

  • Are the 3 cable modems on their own gateways?
    For Multi-WAN to work properly you need separate gateway addresses.
    How do you know that its "doing its job to load balance"? What is actually happening that tell you this?

    Are the 3 cable internet connections from the same ISP? If they are, if one goes down, the rest will go down as well unless its the local modem hardware fault.

    You need to provide more information for any one to properly help you.


  • Hi,

    Me to I have the same problem. Am using two ASDL router as a WAN Connection. I have configured the GW group to use both connection. When I connect the two router, Pfsense use both as GW, but when I unplug one of the router, the Internet access will go down.

    Hope to get a feedback from this issue.

  • @dskontra ,

    Heliborn's Question applies to you too.  Are both ASDL connections modems from the same provider; do they have the same gateway address?  More information is needed.

  • the ADSL router have different LAN address one is and the other is
    Thank you for your quicky feedback.


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