PFsense cloud?

  • Hi, first of all, thanks for the wonderful thing we know as PFsense.

    If in case this post is on a wrong section, I apologize to the mods.

    Anyhow,I was wondering of PFsense has something like a cloud management version?

    something like this:

    PFsense in the cloud –->local pfsense deployments with user authentication based on the cloud ---> users

    Thanks in advance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Short answer: no.
    I guess there would be nothing to stop you installing pfSense in a cloud VM, installing the freeradius package and then authenticating other installs against it. There are probably better platforms to use as an authentication server.  ;)
    Features of the upcoming pfCenter are yet to be revealed. See:,54202.0.html


  • Thanks for the concise answer stephen :)

    *currently looking into the PFcenter thing.

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