Dual Wan

  • Hi … recently our co just applied for a new 30mb symmetric biz line...what i plan is as below

    Wan 1 -----------+                     +---- Users ( Wan 1 )
    4MB Sym             |                      |
                            +---- PFsense --+--- VOIP ( Wan 1 or 2 )
                            |                      |
    Wan 2 -----------+                     +---- Servers ( Wan 2 )
    30MB Sym

    Both users and server are on same subnet , same ip range..they are all working on same domain.. i just wan to seperate the users wan and the server wan...because we are hosting ftp , web , email , daily offiste backup , rdp and etc so the traffic is quite high... and we dont want the users internet connection on the same WAN with the server... but i cant figure out how to split them on different wan.. NAT doesnt seem like able to split from source to selected wan , neither do firewall rules.. can someone shed some light ?

  • Have you planned your internal subnetting?
    Like if you have servers in one area of subnet and dhcp is serving another area, then you can make "server-alias" where you put host-range of server ip's.

    I don't know if you're getting my point, but you can create rules with aliases, and those aliases should contain server's ip-addresses.

  • Create an alias with all your server IPs.
    Then create firewall rule like this on lan:
    Source : alias
    Destination: any
    Gateway: wan1

    Source: NOT alias
    Gateway: wan2

  • aight thx guys… will give it a try.. thk you so much :D cheers!

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