Routing to a router connected to a lan interface

  • I am trying to setup the following network. 
    I have two pfsense 2.01 firewalls setup using carp.  I have multiple lan connections on the firewalls.  I am now trying to setup a network behind a router that is connected to one of the lan connections.  We use this network for testing purposes.

    I have attached a diagram of the network

    When I first connected the router to the firewall I was able to ping the address but not the address as expected.
    I then added a rule on lan 2 to allow all - don't block anything.
    I then made a second gateway with as the address.  When I checked the status of the gateway it showed off-line
    I also created a route to

    At this point I was not able to access anything on LAN2.  I could not even ping from the LAN2 interface using the ping utility in pfSense.

  • I have similar problem. I have two gateways on my LAN - pfsense Gateway and Cisco gateway.
    As Cisco offers limited functionality I am migrating some LAN PCs to pfSense GW.

    Still i need some routes going through Cisco. At the moment this is done manually on every LAN PC with pfSense GW.

    I cannot add route-to-LAN on pfSense as this would require to add gateway to LAN, thus marking LAN as internet-connected interface and turning automatic NAT off.

    So how can I add route to a router connected to a lan interface?

  • I was able to resolve this.  I set this up with the settings above and it worked.  Not sure what I had wrong the first time.

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