Want to use pfSense as a BW simulator for two lan in the same time

  • Hi! Forgive me this is my first try.

    I need the following solution in practice:

    L3 switch(VLAN 10; VLAN 100) – L2 switch --1 server 1 client connected

    Client VLAN 10 Server Vlan 100. Both the srv and the client reaches web srvers beyond L3 switch. Here I need to do some bandwidth simulation.

    My concept was the following:

    L3 switch
    vlan 10 interface
    vlan 100 interface

    L2 switch

    Port 20 acc vlan 10
    Port 21 acc vlan 100
    Port 22 trunk allowed vlan 222,223
    Port 23 vlan 222 (vlan 10 behind pfscene) client connects here
    Port 24 vlan 223 (vlan 100 behind pfscene) server connects here

    I have only 3 interface on my hardware: vr0; fxp0; fxp1

    FXP1 separated logical interfaces with vlan 222 and 223. This is connected to L2 sw Port 22

    vr0 connects to Port20 (vlan 10 tagging)
    fxp0 connects to Port 21 (vlan 100 tagging)

    client connects via vlan 10 to port 20
    server connects via vlan 100 to port 21

    This way I assume to force the traffic through the pfscene . But this is just a concept.
    Is it possible? Or I am the wrong way totally?

  • Maybe the first description is not clear for anybody :-) So please see what I would like to do:

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