• Hi there,

    Got a simple Dual WAN to ADSL Routers with Load balancing / Failover setup and working.

    Got things like HTTPS, FTP working via WAN2 using rules to static the routes, and got a default rule in to cater for any Oopsies (as per a thread on this board somewhere)

    However, Cant get outgoing VPN connections to work properly. Sometimes they establish, but most of the time they stall when authenticating (ie they contact the VPN server, but cant authenticate).

    Have setup an Alias called VPN, in which i have a bundle of common ports for VPN connections ( VPN  1723, 47, 115, 88, 500, 443, 137), and have a Rule in the LAN section forcing all VPN connections onto a specific pool (have also tried default to no avail).
    Rule is -
    TCP/UDP  LAN net  *  *  VPN  *      LAN –> VPN WAN2

    When I change my last rule (the !routers to Wan1FailoverWan2 one) to force through default (and therefore only use WAN1 as outgoing), everything works hunkydory.

    Am i missing something?

    Thanks in advance!


  • You need to add static routes for the VPN on wan #2.

  • What does the rule need to look like?

    And if im outgoing VPN only (ie im establishing connections with external clients) does it have to be on the WAN2 ruleset (i presumed that they were for incoming connections not outgoing?)

    Thanks for the info so far, as Im probably way off target!

  • Any more suggestions?

    Still not working, even with suggested info.