How mark packet by pfsense

  • I use pfsense 2.0.1 now.I want to mark packet by pfsense to filter packet on upstream router.I find there is an Advanced Options in Firewall rule.The Advanced Options include an inputbox under where it's noted for "You can mark a packet matching this rule and use this mark to match on other NAT/filter rules. It is called Policy filtering" and an inputbox under where it's noted for "You can match packet on a mark placed before on another rule.".I don't know if packet can be marked by the two inputboxes.If so ,what kind of value can i set in the inputbox?Please help me if someone know that.Thanks.

  • That's not for what you're trying to do. In general there isn't a way to mark packets with just the firewall (Squid for instance can do some marking).

  • Thanks for your reply.Do you know what that two input boxes are for?

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