2 WAN Subnets behind one interface

  • Hi all

    I've received two different IP subnets from my provider with one gatway per subnet. These two nets are on the same fibre and so on the same pfSense-Interface.
    How can I manage to use both nets with both gateways?

    Thanks in advance

  • Ideally have them change the second to a routed subnet, no need to waste IPs like that. Otherwise just ignore the second gateway and add virtual IPs.

  • but i use the two subnets for outgoing traffic with the outbound nat rules. So I think that i have to use the right gateway for that?

  • no. it's the same router. which is why it's dumb to put on a second gateway IP, route the subnet to your existing IP space.

  • ok thanks, i'll try it in the evening.

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