Getting the magic number for link bandwidth

  • Hi,

    I'm running a pfSense box on an ADSL connection, it gets about 12mbit down / 1mbit up. But it does vary a little.

    Any tips on how to set the bandwidth for the links in pfSense for the traffic shaper. I find if I set them quite a bit lower than the actual link bandwidth the Traffic shaper works much more effectively. The closer I get to the actual link bandwidth, the less effective the traffic shaper is, meaning that higher priority queues still get slowed by the lower priority queues.

    But the trade-off is, as I sent the link bandwidth lower, then I am missing out on potential extra bandwidth. I'm more concerned with the upload bandwidth than download.

    I've tried using different schedulers, and I've gone back to using the simple PRIQ scheduler. They all seem to be 100% depended on setting the link bandwidth correctly. I guess pfSense just forwards the packets and it doesn't know if the actual upload link is saturated or dropping packets or anything.

    Is it just a case of trying to find the magic number?

    Thanks, Ryan

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