Possible NAT issue with 3CX SIP softphone

  • EDIT: Solved issue straight after posting, opened up port 5060 incoming traffic to my phone IPs
    MOD: Feel free to delete thread

    I need some help, I'm out of my comfort zone with VOIP…

    I'm not running a complex asterisk server! Instead I have a single android mobile with the 3cx softphone app installed. This is configured with my SIP providers settings and is working perfectly outside of my network ie via 3G.

    Once connected to my LAN via wifi I can receive calls and the caller can hear me, but I can not hear any sound. I have read I need to setup 1:1 NAT but am clueless to the settings to be entered. All the guides I can find are for confiuring port forwards through the firewall to a asterisk server (which as I said I don't have).

    Do I need to setup 1:1 NAT? can I just do some port forwarding (if so which ports)?

    I'm running pfsense 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386). I have a multi WAN setup with 2 ADSL connections, its not load balanced, there are various Interfaces running on separate networks.

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