Cheap UPS for pfsense-NUT?

  • Hi guys.

    I have been using pfsense with APC SmartUPS 450 with USB cable, this one price is $60, but exist a cheap one over USB that can be used with NUT?


  • I use an APC Back-UPS ES 350, so anything like that should work ok.
    The NAT UPS software informs you of the time left on the batteries, the % charge and % load of the devices plugged in.

    I'm not sure of how the system operates when the battery goes flat, or once the power is restored, or what % of the system shuts down at , if it even does that and if it powers back up.
    The settings don't tell us much, so I'm having to figure that out now.

  • $60 is probably the cheapest you can get any worthwhile UPS. I'd expect to spend more. I've bought cheap no name UPSes before and will almost certainly never do so again. They don't last, and their QA is horrid. I got a RMA replacement on one that the second I plugged it in, shot sparks like crazy and started billowing smoke. Power protection isn't worth screwing around with, damage to equipment and potentially yourself isn't worth saving a few bucks (if they're shipping something that blows up like that, I'm probably lucky I wasn't electrocuted).

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