Route from Lan to a l2tp client fall out.

  • Hi all.

    I have a little strange problem. I am using pFsens 2.0.1 and have some customers that use L2TP routers to connect to our internal network. On these routers there are connected bank terminals that communicate with our terminal server that this users use. But here is the trouble. If the L2TP tunnel disconnects and then reconnects, the route to the tunnel goes dead. To get it active again I have to go to system>Routing and go in and edit the GW and then save it. Now the route is active again and everything works.

    I have set up a Gateway that has the name of the customer and the IP to the L2TP Client on our Lan side. And then I added a Route in system>Routing>Routes to the network on L2TP Client side network.

    Is this the wrong way of doing this??? Since the route goes dead if L2TP client is lost and reconnected??


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