(Help) Need help to Backup my Static IP

  • Hi, I got 3 Wan 2 Lan Setting up as Followed..

    Wan - Wan 1 -Main - Wan 2 -Backup - Wan 3 -Main

    Lan - Lan 1 –---Wan 1 MainInternet/ Wan 2 Backup - Lan 2 -----Wan 3 MainInternet

    Now the Q is, One of my Computer in Lan 2 got some Software that Only allow to be use an Internet Static IP to connect, Can't use Dynamic name......
    so i have to set it to and Open a Service port for it.
    Now if Wan 3 Go Down, it a lot of Problem to Change it and set it up with New WAN, Is there any way i Can make my Own IP? like Wan 4 ------Wan 3 MainInternet/ Wan 2 Backup

    Is it Possible to do this? can Anyone Please Advice me. Thank you

    Best Regard
    Nazilus Unfarlia....

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