Issue when adding third WAN Connection

  • Hopefully someone can help me out…. I have my pfsense 2.0.1 box Load Balancing two Wan connections perfectly but the issue I am having is whenever I configure the third Wan connection. I can never get any traffic to pass over the third wan no matter how i configure it. Even if I disable WAN1 and WAN2 and change firewall rules etc still nothing will pass over the WAN3. When you attempt to go to webpages it just hangs. Every so often when you try to access a web page it will pass through and load but traffic on the third wan is never over a few hundred kb. I have tried reloading the filters and routing tables but nothing works. Now if I disconnect Wan2 and load balance between Wan1 and Wan3 the issue is the same. I have tried different nic cards etc with the same results.

    Please let me know what info you may need to help me etc.


  • The only thing that I can suggest is to check your Logs. There isn't much detail to go on.
    If you have successfully configured the other two WANs, the third one should be a snap. Just config the NIC and add it to your group.

  • Show us the interface configuration. Is the gateway online ?
    Can you ping from the Pfsense to some device on the internet? (
    Do you have valid dns configuration for WAN3 ?


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