PPP interface not responding to AT command

  • I have 3G USB modem (iCON225). The modem interface is cuaU0.2. I've configured it and assign it to OPT1 interface and then enable it. In ppp log I have this:
    Nov 16 09:29:31 ppp: [opt1_link0] chat: The modem is not responding to "AT" at ModemCmd: label.
    Nov 16 09:29:31 ppp: [opt1_link0] MODEM: chat script failed
    Nov 16 09:29:31 ppp: [opt1_link0] Link: DOWN event
    Nov 16 09:29:31 ppp: [opt1_link0] LCP: Down event
    When I use minicom the cuaU0.2 responds regularly to AT command, I've entered PIN, and dial ATD*99# and connection was established. But pfsense still can't communicate with modem interface.
    If anyone has any idea, please, share it with me.

    Thanks and by,

  • I suspect the chat script is looking for a particular response, not "any" response.

  • HI!

    Did you manage to resolve this? I have the exact same problem.

    This modem needs the HSO driver as explained here: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,45229.0.html
    usho.ko needs to be loaded for the interface. I doesnt work as a regular modem.

    Is there  any way to get a working uhso.ko in pfsense?


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