Maximum Bandwith processed by pfsense

  • Hi all,
    I am new to pfsense. I 've read the faqs and searched the web on it's features and hardware requisites.
    Still can't find one answer !
    What is the maximum bandwidth that you have pfsense working and what is the CPU power for that bandwidth?
    This question arrises to me because if i want to do some traffic shapping i must have some CPU power in order to analyse the packets. The more bandwidth i have, the more cpu power is needed to analyse the packets.

    Is there any ratio suggested ?
    something like:
    2 Mbit - CPU Y + A Ram
    10 Mbit - CPU X + B Ram
    20 Mbit -CPU Z + C Ram

    Thanks to you all
    Best regards

  • The reason you haven't found one answer is because of all of the factors involved.
    Such as: How complex are your shaping rules? What type of NIC and hardware bus? Memory?
    It might be easier to give an approximation of what you want to do and see if anyone has a similar setup and what they are using.

  • Well, I'm running pfSense on a 10Mb connection with 512 MB of RAM and a 1.2 GHz CPU (Fabia FX5620) and despite having added traffic shaping and a good number of plugins (including Squid and IMspector) it's rarely more than 50% loaded (either CPU or RAM).

    Of course, I rarely max out that 10Mb link, if your usage profile is different then you'll have different results :)