Pfsense i386 , 2.1 virtio , okay on my i5-2500T , not on i3-3220T

  • Hi Pfsense.

    I have installed the latest snapshot , and inside Pfsense everything is working fine.
     When i try a wget on the host system to it just hangs.

     –2012-11-17 17:15:20--
     Resolving,,, ...
     Connecting to||:80... connected.
     HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

    I can telnet google on the HTTP port no problem , if I use the em0 , em1 , everything
     is working fine.

    Tried a lot of things , but nothing help....

    /Best Michael

  • Hi…

    Using another not with the i3-3220T inside , And now it works.

    Funny was is the problem with these 2 tested gen3 Intel's.


  • If youre willing to go deeper inside…

    I have  seen 8-STABLE contains some virtio-drivers that are more recent thant what is currently backported
    from CURRENT inside pfSense 2.1.

    But since I don't have (yet) equipment where I could verify it doesn't break things, I have prepared a
    patch that I might do a pull request for, you can 'git apply' this gist if you have the time

  • Hi Matsim…

    Please guide me a little further ,cause i'm a newbie regards git.

    Today I have changed the virtio driver to e1000.

    Then everything works as expected...

    /Best Michael

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