Unpnp not functioning correctly with Xbox Live and Xbox 360

  • I had put this in the gaming section, but it doesn't seem like anyone checks that often…

    The 360 requires an "OPEN" NAT type for most of its online features such as chat, coop play, and multiplayer.  At times the 360 will register that UPNP on PFSense is "Strict" NAT, and most online features will fail.  It only does this after the initial successful attempt to play.  I am not sure if its a set amount of time, or that it fails only after the initial successful attempt.

    Here is what happens with the 1.2 beta 1...

    Upnp is enabled, and I can play on Xbox live with no issue.  If I come back the next day, Upnp sessions are still listed, and I can't play online... I remove the sessions and I still cannot play.

    If I reset the sessions, then go into the Network test area on the Xbox 360, and it runs all its connectiving tests, including NAT, it will say that the nat type is "OPEN", and then I can go back and play without issue.

    I understand this is an odd issue, but its very annoying, and the only thing preventing me from using PFsense again after ditching Astaro...

    Thanks for your time and all your great work!

  • yes i now i have the same problem

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