File server Running on Pfsense Box

  • Hi

    I'm after some experienced opinions as to weather it is safe from a security stand point to run a samba server on the same box as my pfsense gateway?

    I know that theoretically adding any service is going to increase the attack surface but is this just being too worried?


  • Hi Poly_s:

    From the sticky above…,10201.0.html

    The link in the second post does not seem to work anymore but you get the idea.

    There are numerous other posts that reflect the same thoughts...

    Basically no. Its not a good idea.


  • hmmm

    I saw only old posts about this and thought may be some thing had changed.

    So is the risk just that if there is a exploit discovered in samba (or what ever service is running) the machine can be pon'ed. And as such its a bad idea?

    If this was the case I could have only this running as an extra in a jail and keep a keen eye on updates and exploits.

    I'm just thinking about power consumption really.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Run pfSense and, say, nas4free as vms under the hypervisor of your choice.


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