Maximum number of connections/tunnels

  • I'm exploring VPN concentrators for my office.  I'm looking at both m0n0wall and pfSense (my limited understanding is that IPsec under pfSense works better for mobile clients).  My question is how many concurrent connections can pfSense realistically support?  I realize the limitations are hardware dependent but lets say the box is a current generation beefy box.

    I'd really rather not spend the money for a Cisco VPN box if I can avoid it.

    I'm looking at possibly having ~10 Site-to-Site IPsec tunnels and possibly upwards of ~30 concurrent (~100 actual clients) mobile IPsec clients.

  • cisco 1712 costs about 1300 USD, and can have 50max vpn connections. Im running pfsense on a athlon 1000 with 128 of ram and didnt get to the limit yet. All you have to do is change the number of max vpn connection (for pptp). I didn't tryed ipsec yet, but will od it next week, and post a reply;)

  • we are running 10 site to site vpns from a 1.2 Ghz via board and all is roses.
    we are using wraps on the end of these and performance is fine.

    30% load is about the max on the concentrator

  • are you using wraps running pfsense or anything else?