Pfsense bug? wan Connection at 100% w/o using it.

  • Hi guys
    I am having this issue and I will be glad if someone know how to help me.
    I have 2 WAN connections, 1 as default with squid running on it and another wan exclusive for  ftp, smtp, pop, dns.

    In traffic graph WAN 1 is running up to his 100% and if I check Lan Graph its not 100%

    if I turn the squid off this issue persist.

    Anyone have encountered something like this?


  • Are you using VLANs on the WAN connection ?

    I read something that when using the parent interface and a VLAN member of this interface that the parent interface counts the child and itself in the traffic counter. Not sure if it is 100% correct what I said but there was something strange with that.

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