How many NICs needed when using VLAN?

  • Can pfSense be used with only one network interface and VLANs towards a VLAN-capable switch? So one can divide the VLANs into WAN/LAN + additional networks?

    If not, what is the minimum number of NICs when you'd like to use VLANs? One for WAN, one for LAN and one for VLANs?
    Or one for WAN and one for LAN/additional networks through VLANs?


  • I would say yes it can do with one nic, but haven't used that way

  • The minimum number of physical NICs is one VLAN capable NIC.

    Yes a VLAN capable NIC connected to a VLAN capable switch can support both WAN and LAN interfaces.

    Have an installation connected to a smart switch running VLAN WAN and physical LAN.

  • Ok, thanks. Just what I'm looking for :-)

    Will I loose any features/functionality when it is set up with one VLAN-capable NIC and WAN(s)/LAN(s) connected to a VLAN-capable switch?

    Like multi-WAN, failover etc?


  • No. VLAN interfaces are treated as if they were "real" interfaces.
    The only drawback is, you won't be able to route at full speed simply because the interfaces have to share the physical hardware.

  • Thanks, great :-)

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