Bandwidth Guarantee per IP

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm new here. I've already read the topics here about bandwidth guarantees but still fail to solve my problem. I know this is easy for those techy guys but for me, really very hard.

    I have 8 PC's at home with Total Downspeed of 3 Mbps and Total Upspeed of 1Mbps. I want that each PC will have a guaranteed bandwidth of 375 kbps downspeed (that's 3Mbps / 8 ) and 125 kbps Upspeed per PC.

    For example:

    a) only 1 PC is in use - it will have 3mbps solely

    b) 2-8 PCs are being used    -  doesn't matter how much each user would use the  bandwidth      (example: live streaming, youtube, downloads) as long as each PC guarantees a 375kbps down and 125 kbps up speed.

    My connection: MODEM–-->Pfsense Box-----> Switch with 8 ports---> to users

    My Pfsense 2.0.1 is freshly installed. No packages installed,i'm not also planning to install a cache package. Just a pure Pfsense router which controls bandwidth efficiently.

    Please help me. I've been searching this for a week and reading lots of articles and forums here but no luck. :'( Trying to do lots of trial and errors but no luck at all. :'(

  • hints. set  limiter, then make rules to use that limiter, at firewall advance in and out. try this

  • see video on youtube. try this link (phone) or search

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