Routing trough IPSec to segment behind firewall

  • Hello,

    We have 3 pfSense firewalls routed behind one another.

    A    -  B    -    C
    192  10.0      172

    There is an IPSec tunnels between A and B and a subnet (10.1) between B and C
    Now we want to route from A to C.

    Firewall A should have a static route to the 172 subnet through the gateway  on subnet on 10.0
    However as this is a IPSec tunnel I cannot add the gateway as the 10.0 gateway lies outside the 192 subnet.

    Is this not possible or am I overlooking something.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Add a matching phase 2. IPsec doesn't route, traffic has to match the P2 local+remote.

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